Saturday, October 6, 2007


This morning we woke up to sounds of crackling and popping outside. I wasn't sure what it was at first. The culprate....SNOW, heavy-wet snow. Since the trees have not lost their leaves, the snow was too heavy for them. Branches were braking and crashing to the ground all over town.
We decided to go to grandma Valerie's and cook breakfast. We bundled up the kids, headed out the door and loaded the kids in the truck. The neighbor was outside assessing the damage to one of her trees and while were all looking around, one of the limbs from the tree fell on our house. No damage done, thank goodness.
When we arrived at grandma's, I noticed we forgot the diaper bag (a necessary item with two little ones). Mike and the kids unloaded and I went back to the house for the bag. On may way back to grandma's I drove by my parents house. It looked like the tree in their front yard was half gone. My parents were outside so I stopped to chat. The tree limbs were blocking the drive and dad was trying to clean it up so they could go to Idaho Falls.
I headed for grandma Valerie's and sent Mike to help my dad. When he was finished we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast.
Jeromy, Carol and the kids came over to grandma's a little bit later so the kids could play in the snow in the back yard. Madi had a great time with her cousins and grandma building a snow man.


Sherelle said...

Cute pics! You gotta love Idaho weather!

Camille said...

What a cute layout! So glad you visit my blog, thanks for letting me know! Good luck with your blog- I'll be back!