Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An evening at the Zoo

Monday evening me and the kids met my friend Chenoa and her family at the zoo.

It was Madi's first time there this year and she was excited and certainly in a hurry to see all the animals. There were two things that were very funny to Madi. First, Chenoa's husband's name is Mike and so is Madi's dad's name. Second, Rowen (Chenoa's daughter) called her "baby". Rowen calls every little kid "baby". Before the evening was through, Rowen had learned to say "Madi".

Surprisingly, Gabe fed the goats. I was shocked, Gabe is afraid of just about everything right now, but he sure did think it was great to feed the goats.


chenoa said...

We had so much fun. And I love your photography!

Wheatley Family said...

Soo cute! That Madi cracks me up!

Jill said...

So you have a kid afraid of goats too? Although Sam is saying he is not afraid of anything anymore...Yea right! Cute pictures. I need you to come here and fix my blog.

Damien and Ashley said...

cute pics of the kids! the zoo is always lots of fun!