Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little Archer

Gabe loves to shoot bows, especially with his dad. This pup bow is the perfect size for him. Although he needs some arrows that fit the bow. He is so funny; when he is shooting, he claims his name is Robin Hood or Byron Ferguson. He totally cracks me up. If he isn't shooting bows, he's carrying a sword or a 'fighter'. A 'fighter' is just another name for a sword, I think. If he wants a bow, and doesn't have his real bows handy, he improvises with a clothes hanger.


chenoa said...

This picture just amazes me--Such a little guy shooting a bow!

Jill said...

where do you get kid ones? our walmart suction cup ones keep breaking....Sam says he is like Nephi with his broken bow...Gabe is so cute. I wish you guys would drive out and come play. Mike could kill all the deer that eat my corn.