Sunday, September 28, 2008

More about the Messick weekend

Grandma Valerie plans a group birthday party when everyone comes town. The kids think it's great and love that all the kids have their own birthday cake complete with candles. We sing happy birthday and blow out the candles. This year, Sam and Ruby wanted to go camping. It seemed like an awfully lot of work to load everyone up and head to the cabin when the weather wasn't that great. Instead, we had a hot dog and marshmallow roast in Grandma's back yard. It met every one's needs and we didn't have the car ride or mud. Nathan and Jill come to Idaho at the same time each year, or at least that what it seems. I think they can't live without going to Spud Day. It must bring back memories of the first time Jill met the Messicks. The kids all get matching Halloween pajamas for their birthday present. It's fun. This year the kids were extra spoiled because they won all kinds of prizes for playing games like Bingo and Sorry.
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Wheatley Family said...

I see the Cheetoo monster is back!!

Jill Messick said...

um that is a scary picture of me you put up for the world to see! I look like I am eating my hair. Paybacks!!! Otherwise cute pics.

Jill Messick said...

I don't come for Spud day memories. The 1st I met you guys I thought you were all scary quiet and that Nathan was adopted...he he he!