Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Gabe!

Today my sweet little boy turns 4. He is getting bigger and bigger each day; we keep telling him we are taking his birthday away and is he not allowed to get any bigger. A couple of times I have even told him he could only have water, because anything else we could give him would help Gabe grow. If only we could freeze time. Gabe always makes us smile with his sense of humor. Madi thinks Gabe is funny - especially when he sings and dances. Gabe loves swords, archery, fishing, Star Wars, football and he is excited about hockey. Today was his first day of hockey. When he puts on all of his hockey gear he thinks nothing can hurt him, I hope that's true.
Gabe is tender hearted. Whenever Gabe sees someone sad, hurt or upset, he'll always be the first to put his arm around them and tell him it will be OK. Yesterday, Grandma Katholyn told him that he wasn't allowed to get any bigger. his response, "It's OK grandma, even when I get bigger I can still give you kisses."


mike and chenoa said...

I love all of those pictures of him! Happy Birthday, Gabe! Everything you wrote about getting them to stop growing so big is exactly right!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! After I hung up with you I was like oh I forgot to get the kids to sing. Then when I thought about it again it was 10. My kids are going to be so mad at me in the morning. Hope he a great day!