Wednesday, January 27, 2010


15 Really Good Reasons to Exercise: 1. Endorphins - Official definition: natural opiates (produced in the brain, by physical exercise or thinking happy thoughts) which act as natural painkillers. Real World definition: the stuff that explains women who go happily through labor and delivery without painkillers. 2. Stress Release - Who needs stress relief more than moms? 3. Better Sleep - Need I say more? 4. Mommy Time - If you're able to set time aside to exercise on your own, you'll reap the extra benefit of some solitary down time ... a mommy "time out," if you will. 5. Greater Confidence - Whether you've reached your fitness goal or not, taking action gives you a feeling of empowerment, a more positive body image, and the confidence to put yourself "out there." 6. Bonding Opportunities - If you choose to make your fitness routine a group activity, you'll have the chance to forge new friendships and nurture old ones. 7. Better Health - There are a ton of specific health benefits, but overall health is important for moms. After all, we're the one who end up taking care of everyone else when they get sick! 8. Greater immunity - When you're healthy, your immune system is stronger, which helps you stay healthy. 9. Increased Good Cholesterol - Exercise boosts the good stuff! 10. Lower Blood Pressure - Even when the kids are pushing all your buttons, exercise will help you re balance things in your favor. 11. More Energy - It doesn't make immediate sense, but working out does give you more energy. An, if anyone can use more energy, it's moms! 12. Stronger Muscles - Stronger muscles don't just help you carry all those groceries, they also help protect you from injuries. Strong abs, for instance, help protect your back. 13. Stronger Bones - Women in particular should do what they can to strenghen their bones and certain kinds of weight training do just that. 14. Greater Flexibility - Stronger, more supple muscles lead to greater physical flexibility, and the stress-fighting aspects of exercise help make you more mentally limber as well. 15. You're Setting a Good Example - As moms, we do everything we can to provide for and teach our children. Investing time and effort in taking care of yourself by exercising regularly sets a great example for your kids to follow. I don't have enough time. 1. Look for minutes instead of hours - You don't need to block out oodles of time; a few minutes here and there can make a big difference. 2. Multi-task - Do a few crunches while you're catching the evening news, a few counter push-ups while you're waiting for the buzzer on the oven, some squats while you're folding the laundry. 3. Involve the kids - Instead of trying to squeeze exercise in around the kids, make it something you can do with them. Take them for a bike ride, push the stroller along at an accelerated pace, challenge your older kids to a little one-on-one hoops. 4. Tag team with another mom - Ask a friend to swap child care with you for a half hour every other day. 5. Find gyms that offer child care - If a gym is your style, look for ones that offer in-house childcare or children's fitness programs. 6. Target the "Off" hours - Try to find a few minutes during nap time, when the kids are at school, before everyone gets up, or after everyone's settled for the night. Thanks Robyn

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