Friday, November 28, 2008


Madi is learning how to play hockey. Well the first week she was pushed around on a bucket. But, she will tell you that's the first step. This week she says she's going to push the bucket and by next week she thinks she can skate all by herself because that's what "he" told her. "He" is Jared B, and he has more patience than I do. Practice is one hour and he is teaching Madi to skate so she can maybe one day play hockey. He's not only teaching Madi but 15 other little tikes. I guess he's not alone, there are 4-5 other coaches on her team alone. The other team of termites has another 5-6 coaches along with 16 other kids. They all work together kids and all. Madi says she's having fun and wants to go back. Her favorite part.....when all the kids go onto the ice and they close the door.


Anonymous said...

She looks like something from "Star Wars". She's a pretty cute "Star Wars"character though.

Damien and Ashley Smith said...

That is hilarious---that sweet little girl in all that gear! How cute. I'm glad she likes it! Sounds fun!

mike and chenoa said...

I absolutely love that picture of her!